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For your Isle of Wight removals to be as efficient as possible, it’s important that we have access for both our staff and our vehicles. If vehicles need to be parked outside your home rather than on a driveway, please ensure the road outside your house or business premises is kept clear.

You may need to speak to your neighbours to ensure that no cars are parked outside over night. In cases where there are parking bays outside your location, please ensure that you have the necessary permits to allow our vehicles to park outside whilst the removal takes place.

Please try to keep all pathways to you access door, and all internal passageways and staircases, clear.
Remember we will need to gain access to your new property, experience has taught us that it’s very important to keep in contact with your solicitor or estate agent. Try to get the keys off them before they ‘do lunch’. Lunch can be a prolonged affair.

isleofwight-removals-packing_boxIf you select Rockford Full Packing Service then we will provide all the manpower and materials necessary to pack your possessions for a secure and safe journey. You could also choose our Partial Packing Service in which case you can select exactly how much help and support you want with both packing and the supply of materials.

However if you choose to do all of your own packing we will provide you with different sized boxes as part of our standard service. Smaller boxes are provided for heavier items such as books and videos, whilst larger boxes can be used for clothes, shoes, toys etc.

We suggest that you avoid overfilling boxes, ensuring that they can be stacked properly on our removal vehicles.
Once you’ve filled and sealed your box, it should be marked with the destination room , a description of what is inside the box and any special instructions, such as ‘Top’ – ‘Bottom’ etc.

Boxes containing fragile items should be marked accordingly, so that they can be placed on the top of stacks, and extra care can be taken when handling them.


You can leave clothes in chest of drawers if you like, they can be transported in situ. We can provide hanging wardrobes for suits, dresses, blouses and shirts etc. in order to prevent creasing during handling and transportation. Large items of clothing, such as jumpers and coats should either be packed in larger boxes, or placed in bin liners.

Bedding, Linen and Towels

These should either be packed into the larger boxes, or again, placed in bin liners. Bin liners should be marked in a similar way to boxes so that their contents and destination can quickly and easily be identified when we’re unloading. All bin liners should be securely tied.

Dismantling Furniture

Large items of furniture, such as beds and shelving units, should be dismantled wherever possible. If you select our Full Packing Service we will do this for you. However this is not normally included in our standard quotation for removal jobs, but we will provide a quotation and this service if requested. Should you prefer to complete the dismantling yourself, you should ensure that this is carried out prior to the Rockfords removal team arriving.

isleofwight-removals-Home01Cookers, Fridges, Freezers, Dishwashers and Washing Machines

All ‘white goods’ should be disconnected before we arrive to start your removal. Please note that we can not complete this task for you for insurance reasons, though we will of course give as much advice as we can if any problems should arise. Freezers will need to be fully defrosted prior to your removal, so you will need to find temporary storage space for freezer contents, or run down the contents as much as possible before your removal date.

Garage contents and garden items

As far as possible you should move all items in the garden that are to be moved into one place, and keep these separate from those items that are to remain. This will enable us to load all garden items as quickly as possible. Any garden items that are heavily soiled should be cleaned. In addition, where possible, garden items should be kept under cover in order to prevent excess water from collecting in the event of rain.

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